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Our Story

We are a family of four, born in Porto, Portugal. 

For those of you who do not know, Portugal is the tiny piece of land filled with history in the windy yet breathtaking coast of the Iberian Peninsula.  


In the family, each of us has our own distinct interests and career paths, one for numbers, one for jewels, one for marketing and one for informatics. It seems hard to believe that a common interest could be born out of here, right? On the beginning of this year, we thought so too, until we were, like any other family, forced by the pandemic to confinement. 


It was not easy at first. Although always working remotely, we would find ourselves closed inside our home 24/7. Each of us was used to have their own schedule, their own work activities, which in this new scenario would easily come across each other.


But as we were trying to adapt to this new reality, we came to realise how lucky we were for all the after-hours we could spend on each other’s company.
And that’s when we found our common passion: an immense love for history, for building memories that would last forever in our hearts but also in our minds.

This year, we’ve put this vision into reality. We started making pieces with an endless meaning for each of our clients.


We started building memories with love, from Portugal to the world. ❤️



Remember Henry Ford's phrase: "Quality is doing it right when no one is looking"? With us quality works EVEN when you are not looking


Our Mission

Store manager - cofounder

Cristina Neves

Jewellery Manager - Cofounder

Marta Lima


Luis Lima and Margarida Lima